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Digital Transformation sounds challenging
… too much theory, not enough practical thinking.

There is a simpler way to take the journey
… one that aligns with goals and values people.

There is a simpler way – and we are here to help!

You hear about the impact of Digital Transformation, and see signals coming from your supply chain, your competition, and the markets where you compete.

The signals may be clear, but the way forward is not; how will Digital Thinking create value for your customers, employees, and stakeholders?

Maker Turtle can help you discover how digital innovation can drive your vision. With our simple, powerful 5-point framework for Digital Transformation, you can target the right kinds of investment – in time, people, and resources. With a digital roadmap and a solid business plan, you are ready to take the next steps forward.

Making Digital Transformation accessible …

Game-changing innovation, practical tactical ideas, and inspiration for leaders and teams that want to make an impact!

Kick off your next event with Maker Turtle!

Our latest ideas, thoughts, opinions …

digital transformation don't think so much

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Don’t Think So Much …

There is a simpler way to understand the journey. A clear path, aligned with your business goals and celebrating the people within it, will accelerate your Digital Transformation plans.

Don’t Think So Much is for everyone that wants to cut through the hype and see things in a simple way …

… entry-level folks that want to Change How Things Work (and advance their careers)
… mid-level folks that want to Make A Difference (in a relevant and meaningful way)
… senior-level folks that want to Lead, Innovate, and Transform (before they are forced to Follow)
… everyone that wants to Go To The Next Level