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Digital Knowledge – Captured!

For over 15 years, Jim MacLennan has been writing about business, technology, and the intersection between the two.

This page presents the complete collection of over 400 articles,  presented in several ways. If you want to jump to the “good stuff,” check out this group of the most popular articles over the last ten years.

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Customer Value Chain 02

IoT Field Notes: How to Identify Customer Value

A practical method for zeroing in on where value is created by digital products and services; it depends a lot on the Value Chain (how products eventually get to the End Customer).

IoT BuildingBlocks

A Framework for Starting the Internet of Things Conversation

Accelerate your IoT exploration with this simple framework for explaining the building blocks of IoT solutions; target the areas that present the biggest unknowns.

201807 IT Participation in the Digital Business S06

The Five Core Components of a Great Digital Business

When transforming into a Digital Business, stay away from technology specifics and concerns about control. Focus on identifying the critical areas of your business that can and should leverage connection, collaboration, and intelligence. (First in a series)