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Five Core Components

When people talk about a “digital transformation”, they typically focus on a few parts of the process – and a lot of the cool technology. In this series, you will hear about the five core components that a Great Digital Business should include – and a (possibly) surprising idea about where that focus truly belongs.

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Digital Participation

The success of your Great Digital Business will be driven by your leadership teams’ ability to come together in a new and different way. Diverse areas of expertise need to mix and merge, bringing their unique strengths to the table to create something that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

Leading Innovation

Inspiring, and then driving, change through an organization, delivering real innovation that is sustainable, can be a challenge. This series of articles looks at specific skills and tactics that are critical for a truly effective leader.

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IOT Field Notes: Discovery

Tales from the front lines of the IoT revolution; how exactly do these innovative ideas fit in with the culture, history, and strategic intent of your company? This series of articles opens up your thinking to new ideas …

IOT Field Notes: Getting Started

Tales from the front lines of the IoT revolution; this series of articles deals with the beginning of the journey. How do you get started? And how can you get focused quickly?

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IOT Field Notes: Applied Tech

Tales from the front lines of the IoT revolution; this series of articles covers stories about hands-on work with the new technology – and the customer- and product-focused lessons learned.

IOT Field Notes: Product Management

More tales from the front lines of the IoT revolution; these articles will drill into critical issues for the Product Manager, including identifying how to Create Value (and identify who will pay for it), plus building a business case for the ramp-up.

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Capturing Knowledge

Collaboration creates real value, but the technology platform is not the “magic” – it’s the creation (and maintenance) of the content itself. This series drills into the requirements for effective knowledge capture – and how they translate into value.