At Maker Turtle, we believe people can build sustainable, scalable businesses that unlock tremendous value for customers, employees, and stakeholders – and for the community at large. Doing good while doing well may be an old idea, but it speaks to today’s world in a compelling way.

These organizations succeed by understanding the building blocks of a modern business – what you do, who you sell to, how you deliver – and how the information that flows through those components can drive greater value. The central thread that connects it all is the human element – the people that connect with your customers and deliver on their commitments every day.

Maker Turtle was built to be a lightning rod for great ideas that practical business people can put to use. We provide strategic and tactical help for the digital transformation of your organization, delivering results that truly matter.

How can we help you?

Maker Turtle will help you drive the digital transformation of your business, starting with an honest assessment of your strategy. Together, we will align your value creation targets to a practical, focused, and impactful roadmap of initiatives. We focus on customer connections, product innovation, internal operations, leveraging information to drive value, and organizational mentoring & development. These are the five components of a great digital business – a simple framework to align your investments (time, energy, and $$$) to your critical business objectives.

We also provide thought leadership through on-line & print publications, and public speaking / keynotes. Be sure to browse our catalog of 500+ articles – pertinent insights stories of applied digital methods and skills, gathered over 15+ years of work with companies just like yours. Or check out the Speaking page for the latest updates, and pop over to the Books page to check out our latest publication, Don’t Think So Much.

That’s an interesting name …

aol disk mt cropped 03The name of the company? Well, it’s also an interesting story …

It was back in the 90’s, and the Internet was just breaking into the mainstream. Remember those AOL disks promising hours of free access to the wonders of the web? I remember the hefty stack of diskettes collected on my desk; not too sure about the offer, but mildly amused by their marketing style.

An interesting tactic – each disk came with a unique access code.  Most of those random word pairs meant nothing to me. But one day, a disk came in with the password MAKER+TURTLE. Something about that phrase seemed poetic and inspired; their master plan had finally broken down my defenses. That was the day I first connected to the Internet – and my professional life took an amazing turn towards the future.

Fast forward to now. Every day, we are inundated by hundreds of messages in multiple formats, floating ideas that can be daring or daunting, innovative or oversold, promising or passe, transformative… or just another buzzword. It can be a challenge to see the path, but when the right message comes along – that simple idea or insight that opens up a world of opportunity – the universe is telling you something, and you have to be ready to dive in.

Let us help you on your journey, and open up the world of opportunity for the people that matter – your employees, your customers, and your shareholders.

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    cazh1: inspiration, art, science, executionHey, whatever happened to cazh1?

    Cazh1 was the original name for this collection of articles / blogs, and us served well since 2004 – but it was time for a refresh. All of the cazh1 content can be found in the Maker Turtle archives – please enjoy!