Tele-Whiskey: Digital Conversations that Provoke

A podcast …

Those great conversations that only happen over a pint at the pub, a splash of bourbon before dinner, a cuppa tea during a mid-morning break, or some coffee over a tasty breakfast.

Let’s drill into those digital and technology topics in different and deeper ways; how do these transformations impact people? What is not being said in the meetings? How can we make this stick? Semi-filtered, some strong opinions, and you might not agree … but we will certainly get you thinking…

We are not here to define and solve problems. We are here to talk about stuff that most people don’t want to talk about – non-Politically Correct tech, vulnerable leadership, “inside baseball” for corporate life.

If I knew then what I know now …

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Episode 1. Origin Story

The inaugural edition of Tele-Whiskey. Learn the origin story – a bit of background on the idea behind the name. Plus excerpts from some conversations with really smart people enjoying a drink with me! Yes, that’s what Tele-Whiskey refers to …

We will introduce the idea of Digital Conversations that Provoke by calling into question the whole idea of Digital Transformation. Is “Digital” becoming a buzzword? How can we focus on what really matters?

This episode features excerpts from conversations with Tom O’Connor (CIO and thought leader out of the UK), and Alecia Edmonds, a Learning & Development professional out of Boston. We will also introduce an upcoming series of TeleWhiskey sessions on a specific topic .. one that should spark some interest.

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