Episode 1. Origin Story

The inaugural edition of Tele-Whiskey. Learn the origin story – a bit of background on the idea behind the name. Plus excerpts from some conversations with really smart people enjoying a drink with me! Yes, that’s what Tele-Whiskey refers to …

We will introduce the idea of Digital Conversations that Provoke by calling into question the whole idea of Digital Transformation. Is “Digital” becoming a buzzword? How can we focus on what really matters?

This episode features excerpts from conversations with Tom O’Connor (CIO and thought leader out of the UK), and Alecia Edmonds, a Learning & Development professional out of Boston. We will also introduce an upcoming series of TeleWhiskey sessions on a specific topic .. one that should spark some interest.

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Modern Jazz Samba by Kevin MacLeod
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Thinking Music by Kevin MacLeod
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Thief in the Night by Kevin MacLeod
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