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keynote speaker Digital Value Creation: Opportunities and Realities – How do you define value creation and digital business? Find out how these ideas map to each other – and how to build a roadmap to get there.
keynote speaker Managing Big Change – What does change management really feel like? A series of stories on thinking and working differently, with real-world examples and practical take-home ideas. Get perspective on the difference between leading v. managing big change, collaboration in practice and bringing it all together for powerful transformation.
noun iot cloud 2642221 e1576681793583 Getting Started with Digital Products – How does an organization get moving? Let’s demystify the How and focus on the Why. This is a where do I start? conversation, for those who want to see / hear what the journey will be like.
noun leadership 2075888 e1576681752487 Leadership for Digital Transformation – A general approach that covers Operations, HR, Legal, Finance, and R&D. It’s not all technology – this is a how do I manage this? conversation, for those wondering how to deal with things that are fundamentally different than anything they are used to.
noun project manager 2032976 e1579020088890 Central vs. Decentral IT – A popular topic of conversation during the past few months. What are we hearing from the street? Compare and contrast both models with real world stories from the past 15 years.
noun leadership 2075888 e1576681752487 Leadership and Team Development – An open discussion about the importance of an engaged team, and different strategies / tactics for creating a community and defining a career path with a super-distributed, global team.

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noun leadership 2075888 e1576681752487Digital Workplace Experience
Transformation Tactics: Managing Big Change
October 14, 2020 (Virtual Event)

noun leadership 2075888 e1576681752487Rimini Street, Inc. 
Position Your IT Organization to Survive, Stabilize and Thrive Through Crisis
July 23, 2020 (Webinar)


Hari Candadai, Rimini Street – “Thank you, Joe and Jim. That was so much fun. We could have gone on and on … the audience walked away with some great advice and strategies from both of you…”

noun digital brain transformation 2754187 e1576681772399Chicago IT Networking Group (TEPEE)
Digital Value Creation: Opportunities, Realities, and Taking the Next Step
May 27, 2020 (Webinar)

vlcsnap 2020 05 31 TEPEE 003

noun storm 2331077Paranet Professional Development Network
Coronavirus Roundtable #4
Apr 08, 2020 (Webinar)

noun project manager 2032976 e1579020088890IT Leadership & Digital Transformation Strategies Conference
Making an Impact: Leading Transformation Projects that Matter
Feb 27, 2020, Rosemont, IL USA


Jim Pickell, MAKE Corporation – “You’re gonna be a wanted man on the banquet circuit.”

IMG 0129 Crop

noun digital brain transformation 2754187 e1576681772399ACG Middle Market Manufacturing Conference
Digital Value Creation: Opportunities, Realities, and Taking the Next Step
Feb 25, 2020, Chicago, IL USA


Kim Hammond, CEO ACG Chicago – “Thank you again for taking the time to keynote our Manufacturing Conference, you were outstanding!”

Dick Weinrib, MVP Design – “You have a great presentation and I appreciated the thought that went into it. ”

Adam Fitzner, HRCP Partners – “Great talk today. A lot of your points resonated with me relative to things we are thinking about for our portfolio companies.”

noun system security 2119052 e1576681705148Chicago Cybersecurity Conference
Panel: CISO Stories (Moderator)
Nov 6, 2019, Oak Brook, IL USA


Data Connectors (host) – “A serious afternoon of information flowing …”

George Wang, PMP – “Good security panel moderated by James MacLennan …”

Dawn Morrissey – “… our concluding CISO panel of featured local executives were a tremendous wealth of knowledge …”


noun digital brain transformation 2754187 e1576681772399Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo
How IT can Drive your Digital Transformation – and make a Real Impact!
Oct 24, 2019, Orlando, FL USA


Denis W. Krauss – “Great insight on their Digital Journey by a peer …”

Gurvinder Singh Sahni – “Awesome keynote … Wipro Limited thx James MacLennan for sharing his stories from the field …”

E. G. Nadhan – “That’s a great looking slide — I made that myself 🙂 James MacLennan sharing great insights on 5 simple lessons learned …”

Jessica Hawk – “No one runs a stage better than you Jim, Gartner is lucky to have you!”

vlcsnap 2019 12 19 21h00m20s369 crop

noun digital brain transformation 2754187 e1576681772399IT Leadership & Digital Transformation Strategies
How IT can Drive your Digital Transformation – and make a Real Impact!
Oct 17 2019, Rosemont, IL USA


David G. Rettig – “GREAT SPEAKERS! Having to follow these folks is tough!!!!”

noun leadership 2075888 e1576681752487Society for Information Management: Executive RLF Program
Getting to the Next Level: Thoughts on Career Progression
Mon 23 Sep 2019, Lincolnshire, IL USA

noun iot cloud 2642221 e1576681793583Internet of Manufacturing
IoT and Your Enterprise: A Framework for Starting the Conversation
Thur 6 Jun 2019, Chicago, IL USA

noun digital brain transformation 2754187 e1576681772399Hitachi Solutions Customer Conference
Keynote II: On Digital Transformation Trends – Customer Stories
Thur 30 May 2019, Atlanta, GA USA

Keynote Speaker

noun iot cloud 2642221 e1576681793583IDEA Week
IoT and Your Enterprise: A Framework for Starting the Conversation
Tue 9 Apr 2019, South Bend, IN USA

noun iot cloud 2642221 e1576681793583Hub88 TECHTALK
IoT and Your Enterprise: A Framework for Starting the Conversation
Wed 20 Mar 2019, Naperville, IL USA