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digital transformation leadership

At Maker Turtle, we believe people can build sustainable, scalable businesses that unlock tremendous value for customers, employees, and stakeholders – and for the community at large.

A central tenet of this belief: the digital world relies on people. Specifically, it is your employees who execute internal processes, connect with customers and distributors, and build and service products.

To truly innovate and create value with your digital transformation, your internal team must be present, participating, and engaged. And your digital teams need solid transformation leadership skills at all levels, to effectively explain the vision, align objectives, and connect with the people that will make these changes deliver value.

The Challenge of Transformation Leadership in a Digital World

In this fluid environment, a range of leadership challenges arise:

  • Digital leaders need a broad set of competencies, including business acumen & emotional intelligence. For the newly promoted or placed executive, effectively translating technology to strategy for peer executives and the Board of Directors is a challenge.
  • Middle managers are exposed to cross-functional challenges, negotiating for resources and prioritizing work across multiple teams. Many organizations do not have management training programs that speak to the unique challenges of the technological world.
  • Team leads are often promoted based on technical skill level or longevity with the business. Training and coaching is not available for the journeyman people manager; we assume these people have skills such as open and honest conversations, delivering effective feedback, and career planning.
  • For digital people at all levels, there is often a lack of career planning & mobility in traditional companies. Regardless of the growth rate, we need to create meaningful career ladders that give the entire team tangible goals, and a clear & honest understanding of opportunities.

Mentoring and Coaching for your Digital Team

Are you looking for ways to drive a different way of thinking, acting, and communicating in your digital and technical organizations? Our Digital Leadership Mentor / Coach Service focuses on strategy and leadership development for digital professionals.

Beginning with the focus areas above, we will create a custom action plan that addresses critical areas that keep your team from delivering their best work.

  • Self-assessments for digital and cultural aspects of individuals and teams.
    What does ‘good’ look like – and how can you meet (and beat!) expectations!
  • Executive coach/mentor for Digital Leaders, their peers, and others on the Executive team.
  • Coach / mentor / develop / career pathing for extended management and teams.
  • Effective digital communication and collaboration processes & techniques for all.

Your Digital Leadership coaching program does not have to be limited to a single individual – we can do customized development/coaching for as many people as needed.

Interested in leading a highly engaged, effective, and innovative team? Contact us for more information!

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