Digital Business Continuity – A Whole New World

Digital Business Continuity – A Whole New World

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major disruption for all businesses; the impact and value of Digital Thinking can no longer be deferred and ignored. The last in a series of articles about Digital Business Continuity – real-time lessons learned, improvements we can make now and in the future.
IoT Field Notes: Building A Business Case

IoT Field Notes: Building a Business Case

Asking for the investment? Here's an outline, with examples, for a business case that includes Cost to Build (one-time) and Cost to Run (ongoing), as well as the Benefits (revenue).
The SMB Business Case For Cloud

The SMB Business Case for Cloud

Few cloud computing vendors are able to produce a plausible cost model with any level of detail. All of your SMB customers are asking the same question, so why don't you have a simple, clear, canned answer? In the absence of a vendor model, this article will help you quickly work up the big chunks of the opportunity in short order.

How to be Taken Seriously as a Business Partner

Part of my job consists of working with General Managers & Managing Directors, talking about process and technology projects, and how we might leverage internal and external resources. I am…