Buzzword Management ABCs

A bit of Friday fun … I was at a trade show a few weeks ago, and noticed a repeating pattern on many slides. I’ve heard this in vendor pitches and internal presentations as well – every piece of software and/or process must be for the management of something. So, as I sat trapped in a droning presentation, waiting for the “vendor
” to begin (free dinner!), I wondered how difficult it would be to hit every letter in the alphabet with some type of management offering. No made-up concepts here – must identify an instance of it’s use “in the wild”.

Not as easy, but not as difficult as one might think – about 45 minutes of googling and my list was complete. I got most of these from ITIL and SAP, with a little bit of SCOR in there for good measure. Nailed 18 of 26 in about 10 minutes of work, but some were surprisingly difficult, especially X – 20+ minutes for that
one. In the end – a nice set of possibilities for your next Buzzword Bingo session …

Application Management

Brand Management

Cash Management

Document Management

Event Management

Financial Management

Group Management

Hardware Management

Inventory Management

Job Management

Knowledge Management

Labor Management

Merchandise Management

Network Management

Order Management

Portfolio Management

Quality Management

Release Management

Security Management

Talent Management

User Management

Vendor Management

Warehouse Management

X-Ray Management

Yard Management

Zero Management

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