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Dialing for Dollars – How IT can Generate Sales Fast


A simple report that answers an important question ... how can I bring real value to my customers Right Now!

In your company, I’ll bet there is a single, unifying goal that all can agree on: Sell more Stuff! Grow the top line!

Yes yes yes, I know that smart companies are focused on profitable sales, and I’m sure your corporate strategy is some combination of People, Process, and Profit((More specifically, i) Great Teams / Skills Development / Engagement, i) Operational Excellence / Cost Reductions / Productivity, and iii) Organic Revenue / Earnings Growth)) – but I’m talking about this week, this month, this quarter – today!. Sales pay the bills, cash flow is king – so where do those next dollars come from?

Of course, you have all sorts of terrific information systems already in place, with lots of rich data to mine for gold. So let’s do something that everyone will really value – create a report that tells people exactly where the gold is, and how to get it.

Seriously – the entire sales organization will think you are the greatest thing since the iPhone!

It’s All In the Presentation

The data we need is there, just sitting in your ERP and CRM systems; installed base of products, with sold-to customer details, dates, warranty terms, and suggested maintenance and training schedules. If you are good, you should be able to put together a nice little report that answers a simple question …

In the next three months, what can I sell to existing customers that I already have a relationship with?

You may already have a report like this – but here’s where you can have some fun. Simply put the buyer contact name and their phone number / email right there on the report!

Here’s the products …
Here’s the name …
Here’s the phone number …
What are you waiting for!

Here’s another hint – make the output responsive (mobile-phone friendly). When displayed on the reps mobile device, the phone number becomes a live link.

ABC D4D 06

All you have to do is touch the number to call your customer and make a sale …

Who says data and reports can’t be fun?

20 July, 2015

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  1. Something like this would be such a valuable tool. Too often, sales reports give too much information. Just distill it down to the basics. I like the revenue visualization as well. Good stuff.

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