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Funny, how techies talk to each other

I’m writing an email to my favorite SQL guru, about a pretty sticky little problem I’m working on, and I found myself making up words …

In the LotesDB, comments / notes are kept in a single field. Each comment is time and date stamped, with a uname, so that’s pretty predictable. The data in the field looks like this:

02/15/2002 03:46 PM (Steve Manager):
Capital was approved on 2/11. Project Number has been assigned in SAP and server hardware has been ordered.

02/18/2002 11:08 AM (Steve Manager):
No “Business Value” analysis performed. Per Jan Controller, this is ad. Per Jan Controller, this is ad. Per Jan Controller, this is ad. Per Jan Controller, this is ad. Per Jan Controller, this is ad. Per Jan Controller, this is ad. Per Jan Controller, this is ad.

06/04/2004 01:54 PM (Ray Projectlead):
This project request has been done a while ago. I checked with Don User.

That’s all in a single field. A single comment can go on for a while, multiple lines, might even have CRLF‘s in it (I just cut/pastepastepasted that substr in Steve’s second comment to illustrate)- but each note begins w/a time/data stamp and a uname in parens.

Before sending, I’m re-reading, and I kind of like my little neologisms (in bold), especially cut/pastepastepastedonomatopoeia for the keyboard set. I do know, however, that my SQL guru friend will get it immediately – we worked together on some pretty neat stuff for over four years, and he was a remote worker (200 miles!), but we were able to communicate in this pseudo-shorthand all the time, making up words as we went along.

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