Gee, this social network – presence – IM – knowledge management – collaboration stuff really works

A fun week or so, watching the impact of various abstracts / memes as they manifest themselves in many interesting ways …

Collaboration: A few evenings ago, I finished up an email regarding some projects at work; Mark1 has been investigating what I called “on-line collaboration”, where shared documents, drawings, etc. could be discussed and modified via a shared desktop. I was telling him about “off-line collaboration”, like blogs and wikis, and capturing the collective knowledge of a group. I also lamented about the dearth of IM users in this group (more like “real-time collaboration”) …

Presence / Instant Messaging: Later that same evening, I was pounding my head against a wall with a slow VPN connection and an even slower ODBC driver for Lotus Notes, when I saw Larry on line, and chatted a bit about it. We ended up conferencing in Marc2, who was quick to validate my frustrations. Neat, because I hadn’t talked to Marc2 in over a year, but we picked right up where we left off. He even made nice comment on the blog

Knowledge Community: … which made me remember a direct email I got a few weeks ago, from Seraphim (from gosh knows where), who was asking for help with Analog and Report Magic. I was so tickled, so excited to “show off” some tech prowess, that I answered by writing up in some detail my discoveries …

Personal Network I: This past week, I got a little of the same back again – an issue came up at work that I had seen IAPL, and out of the blue I dropped a line to Tina, Andy, Kevin – all from company X, direct experience with me on this issue – plus Guy & Mike, who I know from other projects / companies and have worked on related themes. What surprised me was the answers – heck, I haven’t connected with Kevin for over 5 years and I got a great write up / response from him, same day! I think the folks that responded were like me with Seraphim – it’s kind of nice being asked for your opinion, sort of a validation & reaffirmation of your existence, and so taking the time to make the response is easy.

Personal Network II: It’s poker night this coming Saturday (interested? local? I’ve got 9 coming so far, and Laura’s making chili, so just drop me a line beforehand, but more can join in). Anyway, Chris is coming as well (thanks also for your comments on the site, didja check out the impressive traffic stats har de har) …

VOIP: … who really knows his stuff when it comes to VOIP, so I asked him some q’s about a project at work, and he gave me some good Q&A / pushback (of course, now Ed probably thinks less of my “good questions” [Tom – don’t say anything!]), but here again is another lesson in leveraging the folks you know …

Social Networking: … like with LinkedIn, where I’ve connected with a range of folks, including professional contacts, sales reps, headhunters, and job seekers. Got a nice call from Mark3 this week, who I haven’t even met face to face yet, but he is referring Greg, who is interested in a position opening where I work, and looking to connect / get some information (1 of 2 folks trying via LinkedIn to find out about this gig … interesting medium). I see also Marc2 is looking to connect via LinkedIn, that’s fine.

(Hmm, since I’m pounding on the memes here, might as well try SEO (and here / tight loop)- note the blatant attempt at traffic generation with that title …)

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