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IBM Marketing Message Muddle

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Just an observation from the past week; I had a meeting with an IBM Sales Team, reviewing a range of products as they work to understand where IBM might help my business.

I appreciate the fact that IBM has a wide selection of offerings, and we were doing an OK job of reviewing various families / groups of products … until we got to something labeled Smarter Cities. This one piqued my interest – something potentially related to the products and services we offer our customers. But what exactly does that “Smarter Cities” icon on the slide represent? Is this an interesting use case for the Internet of Things and Big Data? Or was it a particular family of product offerings designed for a vertical market?

I didn’t get a clear answer here. The IBM folks are going to get back to me and we’ll do some digging, but I think it could have been presented a bit better. Over the last few months, I’ve been talking to a number of companies (mine and others) about the Internet of Things – a potentially disruptive force. Companies need to understand the power of these technologies, and IBM might be in a good position to help with that

I’m just not quite sure based on what I’m seeing to date.

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