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Suburban Robots that Monitor Reality (The Internet of Things)

Another month, another presentation – something I am trying to do more of this year, somewhat to the detriment of my blog post frequency. However, I may have one or two new posts to put together based on the content of this deck.

Here’s a link to the slides I am presenting this week (Thursday 14 Mar 2013) in Rolling Meadows, IL and next week (Thursday 21 Mar 2013) in Chicago. The title is The Internet of Things – part of a Game Changers series of presentations being done by the members of TEPEE, a Chicago-area professional networking group.

Take a look – and if you are reading this before 5PM on 14 March, are in the Chicago area, and would like to see the presentation in person, just drop me a line – I’ll put you in touch with the organizer of the meeting. Alternatively, I’m happy to connect and present this material (or my previous desk on IT Strategy) for your group – just let me know!

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  1. Certainly a look into the not too distant future. It was a great thought provoking presentation. BTW, I liked your speaking / presentation style. You moved things along fast but it didn’t feel like a rushed presentation. Thanks much for sharing.

  2. I found the subject to be thought provoking and gained additional insight by reviewing other articles. I am sharing some intersting information per the article Trevor Pierce wrote: USA: Internet of Things on FTC Chairwoman Ramirez’s horizon.

    Newly elected Chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Edith Ramirez, stated on 8 March 2013, that she intends to tackle the ‘Internet of Things’ in the coming months, as part of her privacy and data protection agenda for 2013/2014. “I am conscious that this area needs further study”, said Ramirez, speaking at a conference in Washington. “I will ensure that the FTC looks into this. We will be organising a workshop on this over the next few months.”

    Also in Europe, this concept has already gained recognition; the EU Commission launched a consultation in April 2012, seeking comments on the privacy and security aspects of the Internet of Things infrastructure and interoperability, among others.

    Thanks again for the presentation.

  3. Jim, you did a great job with the topic. Most people are not well-versed in this world we face tomorrow (and today).

    You style was excellent and very appropriate for the crowd.

    Assuming other topics in the new TEPEE series will be just as fresh, I’d suggest considering beginning and ending with 2-3 thought provoking questions for the audience to discuss (beyond the questions generated from the presentation).

    Thanks again Jim.

  4. Jim,

    Thank you for the great topic and realting it tothe things we are doing today. Connecting the use of IPV6 with the number of devices we need and want is critical to the “system” thinking we need to apply to our businesses. I understand the technical considerations because of thisdicussion. Now I would like to see if my business intends on somthing like this r continue with proprietary approaches.

  5. Very interesting presentation with a lot of things to think about. I always thought my refrigerator needed to be connected to the internet and now I know why.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  6. Jim,

    I’ve been reading your posts and find the IoT concept very fascinating as it relates to business transformation. Being a Cisco employee obviously helps as well since we are investing so much R&D into this portfolio.

    I did however come across this interesting article that relates to the IoT movement as a whole- not just business transformation.

    One thing that is particularly interesting is the trajectory of this evolution- moving from M2M (machine to machine) to what is called IoRT (Internet of Robotic Things) with R2R (Robot to Robot). Being a “millenial” I’ve been spoiled with technology as well as movies like iRobot and Artificial Intelligence that bring our current technological advances to even greater stretches of the imagination. One day I envision a society where this actually all exists. I truly believe IoT is that starting point in the foundation for true artificial intelligence.

    Nick Garvy

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