Flying Digital Nomad - somewhere over the western US


A business trip / team meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico – in the midst of a crazy cold snap out of Chicago. Travel was crazy, but the meeting went great.

A big focus for the trip was to maximize working time – especially with the layovers and flight delays.

Some highlights from the pictures …

  • Maximizing work time – on the plane! Don’t overlook this as a productive time
  • The trip started north of Chicago – 8″ snow and frigid temps
  • Plenty of flights cancelled / delayed – the airport lounges in Chicago filled up quickly …
  • … along with the terminal in Denver (connection) …
  • … until we got to Sunport in ABQ!
  • Team dinner at a restaurant featured in Breaking Bad – cool!
  • Another meeting room – solid day of focused work

# 4 February, 2019

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