Zurich Airport Hilton - Lobby Restaurant


A road trip in winter? Of course, let’s go to … Zurich!

For this trip, I had a couple of business visits, but a ton of keyboard work and a couple of conference calls. I am taking advantage of great work locations – and Wifi calling and video conferencing makes the latter a breeze!

Some highlights from the pictures …

  • The hotel lobby is a solid goto – free wifi, plenty of water, and some neat views for the right location!
  • Zurich airport has some sweeping vistas – look the other direction, and its the foot of the Alps!
  • A couple of artsy pics from the terminal – airport architecture is always so sweeping and infinite.
  • A few different work locations around the hotel – you need some variety
  • Got a chance to hit the streets, found a coffee shop.
  • Outside the hotel – the ubiquitous “guardian cow”

20 January, 2019

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