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John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, Cincinnati, OH


Back at it in the new year – and this year, in among my “field work”, I will be publishing some themed collections of pictures from various locations.

First up – bridges. It’s an early form of mechanized transportation, if you think about it – how do I get from A to B when there is a barrier …

Some highlights from the pictures …

  • Starting with Cincinnati – plenty of terrific bridges over the Ohio River
  • Then off to more bridges over rivers in Chicago and Alexandria, VA
  • Out in California, to the South and the North – both shots on breaks from technology conferences (always good to take a walk)
  • In Europe – bridges in Frankfurt, Rome, and a small town in Luxemborg
  • Make sure to take a break in the countryside – get to see nature – these two are in Germany and Costa Rica
  • I really like the ancient stone bridges of Europe – two good ones from Scotland
  • Ending up at Victoria Falls, an impressive span

1 January, 2019

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