Don’t Think So Much … an Author’s Journey


There's a lot more to being an author than you might think; the start of a series on a self-publishers' first big project.

The news went out late last week – a significant milestone was reached. I published a book! It has been a dream of mine for some time … well, maybe more like an aspiration, and idea, and a healthy curiosity about the art and science involved. I have been writing here on the web for some time, and I do a lot of public speaking on these topics, so it just felt natural to extend my communication experience to the printed page.

It has been a very engaging and educational learning experience – in ways I did not expect. For example – it took about 12 months, from first outline and a structured writing schedule, through Edit and Book Design, and on to Publishing. That was the elapsed “calendar time” – but the work was interwoven with my Real Job, and I was discovering and learning how to do these tasks for the first time; I think my next book will be done in much less time.

As I expected, the process was just as valuable as the product – and I am glad that I kept a journal through the project, capturing my insights, failures, discoveries, and wins. Over the next few weeks, I want to share some of those stories – to answer the questions that are coming my way, and demonstrate how fascinating and frustrating the process of learning can be…

  • Writing and Editing: An exercise in creativity – and humility
  • Book Design – Inside and Out: The technical aspects – feeding my interest
  • Publishing in the Digital Age: First-hand participation exposes the reality of disruptive, enabling tech

I look forward to sharing my stories – and hearing your questions, comments, and ideas!

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