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The Book Is Out!

Summary: A new book that simplifies the discussion around Digital Transformation.

Discussions around Digital Transformation can be challenging – too much theory and not enough practical thinking. Complex ideas, nuanced insights, and waves of techno-speak can confuse and complicate things. You may believe that Digital Thinking will optimize your operations, bring you closer to your customers, create powerful new products, and build a highly engaged team … but where do you start? And how can you effectively lead the change?

There is a simpler way of understanding the Digital journey – think of it as more evolutionary than revolutionary. A clearer path, that is aligned with the goals and strategy of your business (and the people within it), will accelerate your Digital plans.

Don’t Think So Much lays out this path with relatable ideas and concrete examples. This new book pulls together data-enabled ideas that have developed over time, and connects with the newest enabling technology, tying it all together into an uncomplicated picture.

Don’t Think So Much also focuses on the human factors – design, sustainability, and a fully engaged workforce. With practical guidelines for strong leadership and an inclusive approach that leverages the experience of the whole organization, Don’t Think So Much will enable a Digital Transformation that delivers results and creates real value.

Interested in reading more? Check out Don’t Think So Much on Amazon.

# 6 September, 2019

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