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On the deck at home

The World in your Backyard

Introducing a new publishing element today – photography – but in keeping with the mission of this site, I am focusing on the impact of information and technology on the working world. And specifically – how innovations in how we work have enabled a change in where we work.

I am speaking of the phenomenon of the digital nomad – based on the type of work you are producing, and your access to technology and communications, you really can work from anywhere. And my role has enabled me to do just that; in an effort to stay connected with my team, understand the markets we serve, and stay really close to our customers.

Trying to listen to what the universe is telling me? Then I better get out there!

The First Step is the Shortest

I’ve got some catching up to do – will be posting retroactively under this category, catching up from years of traveling out to get connected. Of course, I’ll be mixing in new adventures as well – but note that this is not a personal travelogue, I am focusing on how tech is helping me humanize my approach (and my results).

In fact – the first step in this journey is the shortest. I am out on my deck this morning, taking in the sunrise before the heat and humidity kick in. The light is amazing at this time of day, and the sky is a brilliant cloudless blue. And so much green – a great counterbalance to the grey and steel and plastic of the office space.

At this time of day, I am typically writing prose, but to get this new part of the site working, I have been hacking some code as well. I prefer the big-screen environment for that type of work, but I can be productive on just the notebook.

27 May, 2018

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