Zurich Airport

Zurich and Nuremberg

Off to Zurich and Nuremberg – a week long visit between two businesses with different projects, different challenges. My traveling partners and I spent some time in the common areas of the hotels, prepping for meetings and keeping up with events back at the home office.

Some highlights from the pictures:

  • I prefer airport hotels – on travel day, eliminates a step (from hotel to Airport or vice versa), and that extra bit of calm just streamlines the day, especially when going long-distance, over the ocean. Two hotels in these pics – Radisson Blu in Zurich, and the Movenpick at the Nuremberg airport.
  • Meeting rooms in the business unit – classic euro-snacks (croissants?!), a bit healthier than the cookies and donuts in the USA.
  • Some construction in Zurich, and a nice POV shot in Nuremberg.

# 1 July, 2018

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