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Design Thinking and Process – Practical Examples (2 of 2)

So, design thinking can have a positive impact on how you do what you do, and it may very well be hidden inside, waiting to get out.

Ok, you are intrigued, you might even believe you can release the designer in you. Where to next? How to get started?

Practical Expressions of “Good Design”

Like most tech folks, you will need something a bit more concrete that just seeing something effective on the screen; some guiding principles and “rules of thumb” are always helpful.

(via Global Nerdy) – 10 Things CEOs Need to Know About Design, from Jason Putorti. Of course, I’m drawn to his assertion that Design is more than pretty pictures (sounds familiar). More than that – Jason covers a decent starter set of elements in a great design process …

Another slide set (previously) comes from Stephen Anderson – I am particularly high on this one because it gets pretty specific about what you are designing for – the “hierarchy of needs for user interaction” (slide 15).

And, via sitepoint, a link to Dan Lockton‘s Design with Intent Toolkit, an excellent resource with solid advice, including ways to break through design logjams by approaching the problem in different ways (“lenses”).

(yes, Dan’s site design does look familiar … good designers think alike?)

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