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Finance Participation in your Great Digital Business – The Slides

I have done a few public speaking events discussing Finance Participation in your Great Digital Business – a follow-on presentation from the original presentation based on the Five Core Components series of posts plus other articles here on

Here’s a link to the slides – I’ve had a lot of great feedback on these, plus some requests for follow up conversations. I’m always happy to talk with folks about figuring out the best way to make these ideas more specific, to better fit your Finance department, your organizational culture, your customers, and your markets.

I also get questions on specific slides – so below, I have a table of links to articles that explain specific slides in more detail.

Please take a look – and if you have questions, comments, or feedback, please get in touch – let’s continue the conversation!

Background on Specific Slides

201807 IT Participation in the Digital Business S06

The Five Core Components of a Great Digital Business

When transforming into a Digital Business, stay away from technology specifics and concerns about control. Focus on identifying the critical areas of your business that can and should leverage connection, collaboration, and intelligence.

IoT BuildingBlocks

A Framework for Starting the Internet of Things Conversation

Accelerate your IoT exploration with this simple framework for explaining the building blocks of IoT solutions; target the areas that present the biggest unknowns.

Customer Value Chain

IoT Field Notes: How to Identify Customer Value

A practical method for zeroing in on where value is created by digital products and services; it depends a lot on the Value Chain (how products eventually get to the End Customer).

201807 Five Components Digital Business S45

Seven Links in the Data Value Chain

Deriving information out of raw data involves seven separate, dependent processes. Your team needs to have a multi-layered ecosystem of skills and experience required to effectively extract the most value.

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