Linkfest: Data Visualization

I’m a long-time fan of effective visualizations, and I’ve often written about the effective use of visual information when making presentations or communicating complex information. I’ve subscribed to my share of blogs and feeds on the topic, and have amassed quite a backlog of interesting links … presented here for your hyperlinking enjoyment …

Best Blogs

information aesthetics – If you appreciate the good stuff when you see it, and like to see the best (to stimulate your own thinking), this is a great resource – a broad range of topics, but they have posted a lot on information visualizations – this tag link will take to to the latest and greatest

General Reading

Amazing insights into the relationship between information overload and visual thinking (Chuck Frey) – Slipping some mind-mapping in the discussion of the ability of effective visualizations to help comprehension in a saturated environment.

Stunning Examples

Track Hurricanes On Stormpulse (via TechCrunch) – A great example of both historical data visualization and effective analytics interface design

Baby Name Trends
(via – A classic web / info applet – Martin Wattenberg’s Name Voyager – may have been surpassed by NameTrends. This one is significant because it’s a nice example of sparklines in production.

Other Good Stuff

Info Design Patterns (via information aesthetics) – Sophisticated collection of design patterns

Track-n-Graph (via information aesthetics) – Interesting free web service

Google Visualization API (via information aesthetics) – They’re everywhere …

Facebook Social Network Graph (via information aesthetics) – I’ve finally put a bit of work into Facebook – I’m beginning to understand it to be a necessary complement to LinkedIn – so this application looks interesting. Of course, I need to get more than three “friends” …

catalog tree (via information aesthetics) – This site is loaded with a wide variety of infographics – definitely will get the creative juices going

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